"...I sing jazz, pop, gospel . I share different artistic projects with other musicians giving my original and personal contribution in arranging,  improvising, composing the music and in editing a show. I work thanks to a constant inspiration given to me mostly by the fabolous artists I work and has worked with.  My thankfulness and joy goes to Lucio Bruni, Rev. Lee Brown and all  the Freedom Family Gospel Choir, The Jumpin’ Shoes, Sandra Cartolari, Joe Pisto, The Blue Midnight Orchestra alltogether, Stefano Cappa and Lucio Caliendo, Marco Remondini, Andrea Minelli, God’s Angels, Oracle’s King Blues Band, Bruno Marini, Sheila Jordan and all the great jazz musicians I met through all these years..."

I've been hosted with my bands at : Jvc Festival Torino.; “Jazz’n’it”, Vignola; Barcollando nel jazz E.J.N; Musincanto Torino; Albinea Jazz Festival ; Ivrea Jazz Festival; Villa Celimontana Jazz and Image, Roma; Ferrara In Jazz al Torrione Jazz Club; New Orleans Jazz Heritage, Ferrara; Bolzano Jazz and Other Festival; Bologna Jazz Festival at Cantina Bentivoglio; Rapperswil Blues and Jazz Festival (Ch)..."



1997 LARA LUPPI: “From noon to four” (L.Luppi v.; M. Faraň p.; W.Booker cb. ; B.Durham d.; s. guest C. Mc. Pherson t.s.)


1998 REV. LEE BROWN and FREEDOM FAMILY CHOIR “When lovin’me”

2002 REV. LEE BROWN and FREEDOM FAMILY CHOIR “I’ve got to move”

2003 SICANIA SOUL: “Starlite” Irma U.S.A.

2004 JUMPIN’SHOES: “All Night Long”

2006 LINEA DI CONFINE “Come il cielo da sopra” (L.Luppi v.; L. Bruni p.; S.Cappa el.b.; L. Caliendo d.; s.guest C. Vincenti guitars)

2007 BLUE MIDNIGHT ORCHESTRA “Live in Cantina Bentivoglio" ( s.guest Jimmy Villotti guitar and voice)

2008 LARA LUPPI-JOE PISTO “Shapes” (s.guest Chicco Montisano sax)

2008 LARA & THE GUMBO LICKERS “ Keep cool” Vibra Records (L.Luppi v.;B.Marini hammond organ;N.Carozzi guitar;Big Caesar d.)

2009 LARA LUPPI with MASSIMO FARAO' TRIO " I sing love" (s.guest Angelo Adamo harp)